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AER’s Professional Divisions

AER’s Divisions are an integral part of the Association, and were established to support and represent the discipline-specific interests of AER’s widely diversified professional members. AER’s divisions welcome practitioners at all levels of expertise and experience, provide encouragement and professional assistance to their members. A Division may publish a Division newsletter, have a professional website, host an electronic list, hold periodic meetings and educational conferences. AER actively works with its Divisions to offer innovative continuing education offerings to help meet members' needs. AER Divisions have representation on the AER International Board of Directors. Division Committees assist the AER Board and Conference Committee in developing the educational content of the Biennial International Conference, and three divisions have committees that conduct reviews of university programs preliminary to AER approval.

Any AER member may join any Division. To take advantage of this important member benefit, select the Division you want to join on your AER membership application or renewal form and send the small additional dues payment for the Division dues. For more visit the AER store at:


or contact AER (877-492-2708 or aer@aerbvi.org) or an officer of the Division in which you are interested, by following the link below.

Division 1 Administration and Leadership 

Division 2 Rehabilitation Counseling and Employment

Division 3 Multiple Disabilities and Deafblind 

Division 4 Psychosocial Services 

Division 5 Information and Technology 

Division 7 Low Vision Rehabilitation 

Division 8 Infant & Preschool 

Division 9 Orientation & Mobility 

Division 10 Education Curriculum 

Division 11 Vision Rehabilitation Therapy 

Division 15 Division on Aging 

Division 16 Itinerant Personnel 

Division 17 Personnel Preparation 

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