AER Books

AER publishes and distributes several books that help practitioners work more effectively and contribute to the understanding of the field of blindness and visual impairment. Please visit the AER Online Store to purchase these books. AER members receive substantial discounts.

Orientation & Mobility: Techniques for Independence 2nd Edition (Cat. No. A005.1)
By Steven J. La Grow and Richard G. Long
The skills, techniques, and instruction sequence presented in this book may be required by individuals who have experienced a loss in independence following significant vision impairment and wish to regain the ability to travel independently in many environments. Human guide, self-protective, directional, familiarization, and cane techniques are described, as are strategies for indoor and outdoor travel, including those required for crossing streets, planning routes, and using public transport. (c) 2011

Study Guide for the Low Vision Therapist Examination (Cat. No, A006)
Prepares test takers of the ACVREP Low Vision Therapist Examination with the material found in the Body of Knowledge developed by the Low Vision Division of AER. (c) 2008

Preschool Orientation and Mobility Screening
2nd Edition (Cat. No. A008)
By Bonnie Dodson-Burk and Christine Roman-Lantzy
This resource is designed to catalog a child’s current level of function in a basic O&M task, identify areas in need of further assessment, recognize basic programming needs, and serve as a source in providing information to identify the need for services. (c) 2012