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The mission of the Rehabilitation Counseling and Employment Division is to enhance the education, effectiveness, and professional standing of its members and the economic independence of people who are blind, primarily through advocating for the profession the value and benefits of work in a continuum of the vocational rehabilitation process and employment settings.



CollAERborations Newsletter contains information from four education-related divisions: Multiple Disabilities & Deafblind, Infant & Preschool, Education Curriculum, and Itinerant Personnel.

CollAERborations Newsletter 2017 – PDF
CollAERborations Newsletter 2017 – Word

CollAERborations Newsletter Winter 2016 – PDF
CollAERborations Newsletter Winter 2016 – Word

CollAERborations Newsletter Spring 2015 – PDF
CollAERborations Newsletter Spring 2015 – Word



The AER Education Curriculum Division is currently developing webinars as a member benefit. Please send suggested webinar topics to [email protected].



The Education Curriculum Division wants you to nominate excellent professionals today! The Joyce Mae Ogburn and Publication Education Awards are presented during the AER International Conferences. Below states each award, its description, and nomination form:

The Joyce Mae Ogburn Award
The Joyce Mae Ogburn Award was established to recognize an individual who has demonstrated excellence in teaching and/or service to children with visual impairments through all or a substantial combination of the following:

  • Has a longitudinal record of work with children who have visual impairments
  • Has earned the respect of peers, professionals from other disciplines, and the families and friends of those served
  • Is from a discipline (e.g., education, medicine, politics, social work, administration, rehabilitation, health-related professions) that has direct impact on children with visual impairments
  • Has demonstrated long-term commitment and competence
  • Has fostered or developed innovative approaches toward providing quality services for children with visual impairments
  • Has made significant contributions to the theory, practice, and/or service delivery of quality educational programs for children with visual impairments
  • Has demonstrated a willingness to share knowledge with others

Please click here for the Joyce Mae Ogburn Award nomination form.

Past Joyce Mae Ogburn Award Recipients:
2014 – Danene Fast, Ohio

Please email this form to [email protected].

Publication Award

The Publication Education Award

The Publication Award is given to an individual for the creation of an innovative curriculum or other instruction-related publication intended to further the education of students who are blind or visually impaired.

Please click here for the Publication Award nomination form.

Please email this form to [email protected] by May 15, 2018.

Past Publication Award Recipients:
2002 – Leann Mannen
1998 – Josephine Stratton
1996 – Liz DePiero
1994 – Sister Judith Ann Moelle