Higher Education (Colleges and Universities)

As a Commission, we are dedicated to ensuring that institutions of higher education prepare professionals for successful employment where they provide services of the highest quality to individuals who are blind and those who have low vision.    

The AER Accreditation Program for institutions of higher education is designed to ensure that colleges and universities across the United States and abroad are offering O&M, TVI, LVT, VRT, and AT personnel preparation programs that meet administrative/management standards and certified professional standards and Curricular Standards. 

Accreditation is awarded in the following categories: 

Full Accreditation requires that 100% of Core Standards and 100% of Curricular Standards be fully met. Following the year accreditation is awarded, programs are required to submit the Annual Program Report, which is due in March for the previous calendar year. Each program uses an Annual Program Report form to provide evidence it is measuring and reporting to the public its own ongoing academic quality. 

Provisional Accreditation is awarded to programs seeking initial accreditation that have demonstrated substantial progress towards meeting all of the standards but need additional time to come into full compliance. The program is not accredited at this time and has one year to provide evidence it has corrected the flaws. 

Probationary Accreditation is awarded when the program seeking re-accreditation is making substantial progress toward meeting all of the standards but needs additional time to come into full compliance. The program remains accredited at this time.

Accreditation Denial is decided if the outcome of the review process determines that the program is not in substantial compliance with the standards.

The following program types are eligible for consideration through the AER Accreditation Program:

Assistive Technology (AT)
Low Vision Therapists (LVT)
Orientation & Mobility (O&M)
Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI)
Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)

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Higher Education Accreditation Application Form
Annual Program Report Form

Core (Administrative/Management)
Assistive Technology (AT)
Low Vision Therapy (LVT)
Orientation and Mobility (O&M)
Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI)
Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)

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