Neurological Visual Impairment Division (Division 20)

Welcome to the AER Neurological Visual Impairment Division!

Vision loss or impairment due to brain injury or disease can occur at any point in the life-span. It is a complex area of study with increasing clinical, rehabilitation, and research concerns.  Improved medical care of preterm infants, increased diagnosis among athletes, and greater survival rates from traumatic injury have all contributed to the increasing numbers of brain-injured individuals with vision impairment frequently seeking services.  The AER Neurological Visual Impairment Division will increase the knowledge base of providers and help refine further areas of need in terms of education, medical, rehabilitation, and habilitation care and research.

This division provides an opportunity to explore, discuss and contribute to the next level of thinking and opportunities. It provides a member social network to share resources, strategies, and new information. The board granted provisional status to the division in the fall of 2016. It became a full-fledged division in 2018. 

Learn more about our Purpose, our Leadership, Newsletters and Meeting Minutes, and Resources.


  • Advocate for the need for research for this population.
  • Create position statements on teaming and best practice for this population.
  • Support vision professionals who are new or need information for this population.
  • Advocate to the medical profession to improve timely diagnosis, education and rehabilitation support for this population.
  • Support epidemiological efforts to characterize the type and frequency of occurrence in military, veteran and civilian populations.


Executive Committee Members 

Past Chair: Mindy Ely
Current Chair:  Amanda Lueck
Chair Elect: Melody Furze
Secretary:  Kathy Alstrin

Members At Large:
Samantha Zauner
Mary Morse
Mary Zatta
Susan O’Brien
Beth Ramella


Blasts From the Past

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Click below to view the NVID Newsletter:

NVID Newsletter 2020 – PDF
The version of the newsletter is available for individuals with neurological visual impairment: 
NVID Newsletter NVI Version 2018

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2018 NVID Committee Business Meeting Notes: NVID Committee Business Meeting Notes


Position Papers
Neurological Visual Impairment Position Paper–  Roles and Responsibilities of Vision Educators (TVIS and O&MS) When Learners Have CVI, June 2020.

AER International Conference 2018 NVID Powerpoints
Pre-Conference Day Powerpoint
John Ravenscroft Powerpoint
Greg Goodrich Powerpoint
Barry Kran Powerpoint